Outstanding Presentations

About 25 high-level experts will share their experiences and knowledge


Planning and Tracking

EXTEDO’s Planning and Tracking tools enable you to efficiently plan and track the regulatory data, activities, processes, submissions and commitments related to your entire product portfolio.



Manage your Registrations

MPDmanager is EXTEDO’s comprehensive XEVMPD and IDMP database system delivering a single source of truth for all IDMP data and enables you to manage and maintain XEVMPD and IDMP data efficiently.



Submission Management

EXTEDO’s Submission Management tools provide you with a safe and compliant publication & management solution for your electronic and paper based submissions.


eRA 2017: Regulatory Information Management in the Era of Globalization

Join us at eRA 2017, the Electronic Regulatory Affairs Conference and EXTEDO User Group Meeting on 10-11 May 2017 in Mallorca, Spain

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